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The DA-218 PALLADIUM uses 24/768 KHz Up and Over-sampling Technology that is programmed by advanced DA-218 software. The combined technologies of the 24/768 Up and Over-sampling filters and the new state-of-the-art software will bring a new light to your old CDs; they will sound better than you have ever heard them sound before! You will be overjoyed to find that your regular CDs will be comparable to the new Hi-Resolution Formats, DVD-A or SACD and on an equal footing with LP records.

•First production digital processor with cryogenically treated electronic circuits. Cryogenic treatment of the assembled PC boards raises the DA-218 PALLADIUM's musicality to a new-state-of-the-art reference.
•New nonmetallic shielding that protects the analog circuits from RFI / EMI noise interference, thus protecting the DA-218 PALLADIUM's neutral tonality and pure sound quality.
•Up and Over-sampling software that gives you an in-the-hall appreciation of the music's sound stage, transients and air.
•Shielded Quantum Noise Filters are custom made for the DA-218 PALLADIUM and added to the AC mains to lower the analog noise floor and increase dynamics and resolution.
•Upgraded 4 layer PC Boards. These materials were very carefully chosen by both measurement and critical listening to sustain the very purest analog music.
•Custom capacitors made especially for the DA-218 PALLADIUM are used in the analog section. These custom capacitors are made with special dielectrics that further nourish the textural timber of the musical image.
•Sonically critical plug-in assembles are hand assembled, hand soldered and then each one is tested with the very latest test equipment to ensure the technologically advanced musical performance from each processor.

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