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Customer Feedback


Speakers: Cain & Cain Abby, Audiokinesis Swarm + SG Wide-Range horns  

Amplifier: Linear Tube Audio ZOTL-10, with 1961 Amperex 7062, 1962 Amperex 6085, or 1960 RCA 12AU7/12AT7 tubes in the line stage  

Previous speaker cables: Synergistic Research Foundation  

Source: Monarchy Audio NM-24 DAC with 1965-1967 Siemens/Telefunken E288cc tubes  

Accessories: PS Audio P3 powerplant; Synergistic full HFT / FEQ / blackbox  

I’ve been so impressed with the improved clarity and definition thanks to the Fidelium, that I installed new Fostex FE166en drivers and ran the Fidelium into the enclosure and directly to the drivers. My system has been built around complementing the single-driver accuracy of the Abbys. The Fidelium brought the entire system to a new level; if I had to name my favorite component, I would be hard-pressed to choose between the LTA amp and the Fidelium. They feature exceptional balance and treble purity, with a completely natural character. These made an immediate and unmistakable difference that the entire family heard. But my favorite trait of these cables is how they preserve all the dramatic detail and soundstage while remaining extremely pleasant on the ear.