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Customer Feedback


Speakers: Dynaudio Contour 30 

Amplifier: Benchmark Media AHB2  

Previous speaker cables: Tellurium Q Ultra Black 

Source: Benchmark Media Dac3 HGC, Auralic Aries G1, Linn Karik CD player/transport 

Accessories: Butcher Block Acoustics Rigidrack, IsoAcoustics GAIA speaker isolators, Nordost Frey 2 and Heimdall 2 cabling, Wireworld Platinum 7 USB 

The Fideliums have replaced my Tellurium Q Ultra Black.  After reading and watching all the glowing reviews, I took the plunge. Really it's a no brainer. Emailed Jeff a couple of times mainly concerned about the room on the rear of my Benchmark amp. He said the adapters would do the trick.

Got the new speaker cables last night. They took a little while to install on the cramped Benchmark amp. The wife and I listened till midnight 4+ hours. Wow what a difference song after song it's hard to describe but the biggest difference was fatigue. All the harshness seemed to go away; the Dynaudio's never sounded better! The wife made a comment that it was my best upgrade in a while.