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Customer Feedback


Speakers: DIY Open Baffle speakers with Lii Full Range Crystal 10 driver and Acoustic Elegance 15 inch Dipole woofers 

Power Amp: Primare A32 

Previous speaker cables: WyWires Platinum, Audience Au24 SE 

Preamp: Primare Pre32 

Source: T+A DAC 8 DSD with Dell Computer using Signalyst HQ Player 

Power Plant: PS Audio P5 Power Plant

Phono: Vintage Pioneer PL-560 (Original owner)

Phono Stage: Musical Fidelity M6 Vinyl

USB cable: WyWires Platinum

Cables: Shunyata Research XLR

Tweaks: Iso Acoustic GAIA ll's for speakers, Orea's for all components, Synergistic Research ECT's, HFT's, PHT's and FEQ x 4, Ingress Audio Roller blocks

I'm still enjoying the cables. Hard to believe how much they've advanced the SQ of my open baffles. I have a pair of Monitor Audio Gold 300's I've been hesitant to sell. I had them boxed up but wondered what wonders your cable could do for them. I hooked them up and heard the same improvement in clarity and imaging. When listening to a jazz album I heard horns far outside the speakers, widening the sound stage by a large margin. And the depth was phenomenal. Unfortunately, the Monitor Audios couldn't compete with my DIY open baffles which exhibited the same qualities with a more pleasing extension to the upper frequencies. So the OB's are here to stay and the MA's will be sold someday soon.

Balance. That was missing before I installed your cables. Some instruments in the midrange were so soft and recessed. That was one of the first things I noticed and really enjoyed was the balance of all frequencies. It's now pleasurable to listen at lower volumes. I don't feel like I'm missing anything. 

Thanks for creating such a phenomenal product and offering it at a very reasonable price.