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Customer Feedback


Speakers: Klipsch RP-400m bookshelf speakers

Power Amp: Willsenton R-800i Class A, SET, Zero Feedback, Psvane ACME 845/Western Electric 300B (premium aftermarket tubes) 23 Watt Integrated Tube Amplifier

Previous speaker cables: Audioquest Rocket 88 speaker cables

DAC/Preamp: Chord Hugo TT2 DAC/Class A Preamp/headphone amp

Transport: Audiolab CD transport with Chord M Scaler

Power: Audioquest Niagra 1000 power conditioner

Cables: Audioquest Diamond Toslink, Audioquest Wind interconnect cables

My audiophile system is hooked up to a pair of stand mounted Klipsch RP-400m bookshelf speakers (these have 4" woofers, which is ideal for my system, because I like my music at 90db, and my neighbors won't get disturbed! Now with the new 10' Fidelium ribbon speaker cables installed, these are what the new improvements are; better soundstage, better transparency, no more smearing with the sound, musical attacks/transients are immediate, voices are now succinct, music sound natural with natural PRAT, every instrument & voice is clearer, like removing your earmuffs, previous distortions caused musical transients (with regular speaker cables) are now non-existent, etc, etc, etc,,,, These Fidelium speaker cables, have dramatically revolutionized my audiophile system. Now, the sound is more addicting. These are my game-over speaker cables (unless you design another cable that's better than the Fidelium!), and I'm waiting for your upcoming ribbon interconnect cables, to compliment the Fidelium. You are the master audio cable designer, Jeffrey! Keep up the revolutionary designs! Yeah!