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Customer Feedback


Speakers: Magnepan 3.7. Rel T/9i sub. 

Power Amp: Parasound A51 Halo multichannel amp. 

Previous speaker cables: Synergistic Research Resolution Reference cables. 

Source: Oppo 105D as Dac and Bluray player. Audiolab CD transport. Lexicon RT-20.  

I just wanted to give you some immediate feedback on my initial listening session with your cables. I found it - right from the first note - to be a supremely underwhelming experience. But let me explain…

I have been using a pair of Synergistic Research Resolution Reference cables with my Magnepan 3.7s for I think something like 20 years. They have always provided good, solid performance and are quite robust in construction, as I’m sure you know. But I felt, especially since moving last year and now having a slightly bigger space for my listening room, that somehow, a bit of magic was missing. So since I’ve worked from home throughout this pandemic with no vacation, I decided to treat myself to a pair of Fideliums. I took great care in hooking them up so as not to disturb their beautiful appearance. The very first piece of music I played, and I highly recommend it, was the opening track from Dave Grusin’s Two for the Road/A Tribute to Henry Mancini, recorded by the late and maybe greatest recording engineer, Al Schmitt. And that’s where I became instantly underwhelmed by your cables. Because more than the Synergistics could provide, there was an open, balanced and natural sound that I had not experienced yet. Unlike the Synergistics, which I realized in comparison emphasized certain frequencies and occasionally with some harshness, the music just poured effortlessly. There were no misleading high frequencies yet cymbals had a new realism, sweetness and detail. And since I also have a fine REL subwoofer hooked up to my Parasound amp, I noticed immediately a fuller and deeper bass. And yes, as has been written by others, a subtle veil was removed over the entire presentation. The bad news for me is that the hour was late and I had to end my listening session swiftly and get some sleep. TORTURE!

What a wonderful thing you have invented. It may be one of the greatest examples of good things coming in small packages I’ve ever seen or heard. So again, the cables were underwhelming because they did what I was looking for: help making great music overwhelming. So, I guess I’m going to be constantly tired at work the next week or so by staying up too late. (I can hear my wife now, “OK, OK! Give the cables a rest for the night and go to BED!”).

Thanks so much again and kudos to your incredible application of science and art. The Fideliums will bring me a lot of joy this fall and winter. And next, and next… The "truth" will set me free of stress.