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Customer Feedback


Speakers: Tekton Moab with BE tweeters 

Power Amp: PS Audio M1200 

Pre-amp: PS Audio BHK Signature, PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp 

Interconnect cables: Morrow XLR 

Source: PS Audio Directstream DAC, Small Green Computer i2s opticalRendu, ultraDigital and FMC, Project Classic turntable with a Sumiko BlueDot2 MC cartridge 

I received the Fideliums this morning, rest assured this was a one way trip and you will not be getting them back - haha

They're fantastic and the decision to replace my incumbent speaker cables was a no brainer.

Just for reference, I replaced a very enjoyable and energetic set of cables.

I won't bore you with the all the specifics and my butchering of the proper audio terms, but the additional details of the music subtleties and expanded dynamic range was evident in the first 15 seconds of listening.

I always only heard the bass and drums on the intro to Dire Straits Six Blade Knife before the guitar joins in.

With the Fideliums I stand corrected and Mark Knopfler is indeed strumming his Strat very softly from the beginning of the song.

A live version of My Funny Valentine with Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan, what previously appeared as trading solos between the two horns now reveals more of an interplay with each horn playing softly in the background while the other solos, the interplay is so very complementary to the solos and the handoffs to assume the lead between the musicians much more evident.

In summary, I'm hearing the best version of playback on my system of each song that I play.

That's the pinnacle of any upgrade for me and allows me to rediscover my entire music catalog again.

While certainly not the first time I've heard the song but indeed the BEST I've EVER heard said song playback on my system in my room.

Your product is worthy of the numerous accolades I encountered in my research.

The top 10 products of the decade awarded from the audio analyst episode 50, convinced me that I needed a closer look.

May I add to the accolades, the price performance of the Fideliums is clearly worth the squeeze - run don't walk!