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Customer Feedback


Speakers:  Sound Lab Ultimate 545 

Amps: Atma-Sphere MA-1 

Source:  Kronos turntable 

First of all, I need to say that I´m a little surpassed with the quantity of new information arriving to my brain.

I´m a proud owner of an analog system -I only play vinyls- composed by the unique turntable that treat the signal from de cartridge to the amplifier with total commitment in the deliver of the pure information contained in the groove. The only one with hit’s own MC low level Tube phono section. (Kronos) 

After connecting the Fidelium all the information I was accustomed before, now is completely structured, the level of brightness, clarity, space managing, speed and agility provides new sensations and details. The combo Atma-Sphere – Sound Lab has grown up an expressing better than before by far.

In Count´s Basie Kansas City 3 (Pablo) the breathing that I was hearing now appears expressing Louis Bellson “guttural throat” and Basie´s “yeahs” transport me to the scenario with them, simply amazing.

In Federica Von Stade Rossini-Mozart Arias (Phillips) I can hear every string section expressing the orchestral situation, not a point, where they are playing.