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Customer Feedback


Speakers: Tekton Design Moabs – Custom Built

Amplifier:  VAC Signature 200 iQ  

Previous speaker cables: Klee Grand Illusion and Dynamic Designs TBK

Preamplifier: VAC Renaissance Mk V

CD Player: Marantz SA-7SI  

DAC: Blue Circle Audio NOS DAC – Custom Built  

When our mutual friend told me about the Fidelium speaker cables, I confess to being a little bit skeptical at first, and you can’t blame me for that. You were making some strong claims about the Fidelium’s performance, knowing I’ve had experience with both the Silversmith Palladium and Silver. Those are special cables, especially the Palladium, that set the bar for speaker cables very high. I was intimidated by the Fidelium jumpers you sent me, and at first, listened to the Fidelium on my Tekton Moab’s tweeters-midrange arrays. I noticed some improvement, certainly. It was not until the next day when you told me to fold, bend, manipulate, etc., the jumpers in any direction I needed to get the jumpers on my binding posts. It was with this newfound confidence that I got the jumpers on my binding posts with no problems as they are thin but strong. I was in no way prepared for the sonic improvement gained by inserting the Fidelium speaker/jumper cables into my system. Yes, they do outperform the Silver, and surprisingly, the Palladium, for a lot less money. The very first thing I noticed was the speed of the Fidelium.

Macro and micro details jumped out of the speakers. Crowd noises from favorite ‘live’ recordings were startlingly present. New detail and musical information could be found on almost every musical selection I played. And the bass performance was outstanding. With the Fidelium cables in place, I now feel that each of my Moab’s two 12” woofers is being utilized. My bass performance is deep, tight, full, and with a very natural decay. What’s even more amazing is the dimensionality and 3-dimensional portrayal of the performers on the stage. Each of the performers has the air and space around them identified as I never heard before. This speaker cable is simply amazing. There was no way the Fidelium speaker cables were coming back. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the Fidelium interconnect. I’m hanging on the edge of my seat for that one. I have always felt that there was the pride of ownership in having Silversmith cables but they were too expensive. Now, not only are they affordable but they have an extremely high level of performance and provide tremendous value for the dollar.