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Customer Feedback


Speakers:  Avalon Eidolon  

Amplifier: VAC Phi 200 Monoblocks  

Previous speaker cables: Cerious Technologies Extreme Graphene cables, Wireworld Platinum  

Source:  PS Audio DirectStream DAC  

I wanted to report on my impressions of the Fidelium speaker cables, which I had the pleasure of auditioning in my system and am purchasing a 6' pair. Up until now, I've been using Cerious Technologies Extreme Graphene cables, which replaced Wireworld platinums, which replaced Clear Day double shotguns, which replaced some lower level Purist cables. My system includes Avalon Eidelon Diamond speakers, VAC electronics, a PS Audio direct stream DAC fed by Roon, and other excellent cables and tweaks.

While the Cerious cables were the best I had had in my system to date (except for a short-term loan of some $30k Nordost cables that I could never afford!), the Fidelium's clearly bested the Cerious and (by inference) all before them. While the Cerious cables provided a big and bold sound, swapping in the Fideliums showed me that there were micro details, textures and colors that were not getting through the prior bold presentation. Not that there was anything wrong with the Cerious - they are great - but I found more to be appreciated with the Fideliums. The Fideliums had a more natural and organic presentation, removed some mid-base bump, and maintained excellent sound staging and imaging.

I had two friends come over and A/B with me to share impressions - one a reviewer, the other a female who has good hearing, no audiophile tendencies, and was willing to humor me on the experiment. Both had the same impressions, so "3 for 3". This, of course, led me to purchase the Fideliums. From my perspective, they are an awesome deal in terms of bang for the buck. My former cables were all in the $500 - $2200 price range, and these outperform them all.