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Customer Feedback


Speakers:  Tidal Contriva Diacera-SE.  REL 212-SE subwoofers  

Amplifier:  Chalice Audio Grail SET monoblocks  with Psvane WE 845, Psvane ACME 300B, and Tung Sol - 5687 tubes  

Previous speaker cables:  Silent Source The Music Reference speaker cable

Other cables:  Silent Source Music Reference power cable. Lessloss CMARC-Entropic interconnect and power cables. 

Source:  Lumin X1

Accessories:  EVS isolators.  Audioquest Fog Lifters.  EtherREGEN.  Keces P3 PSU

My system has recently been significantly improved after installing Silversmith ‘Fidelium’ speaker cables from Silversmith Audio.  To quote a very good friend, who also has recently updated his system with Mr. Smith’s cables, my system has been ‘Transformed’.  My friend is a reviewer for a very well known and respected internet audio website. The Fidelium cables replaced cables 13 times the retail cost.  If you have read Greg Weaver’s post or listened to his video, you will understand the dilemma we both had in coming to the conclusion that these cables are just phenomenal.  They improved all aspects of the audio spectrum and every nuance in between.