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Show Report - Best of AXPONA 2023

Silversmith Audio is honored to announce that the Fidelium-cabled Pure Audio Project and Scaena rooms at AXPONA 2023 earned two of Rick Becker's Best of AXPONA 2023 awards.  

AXPONA 2023 Best Rooms List

The AXPONA 2023 Chronicles: Part 1

"The room sounded pretty good when I heard it early on Friday morning before it had a chance to warm up, but I chanced upon Jeffrey Smith on Saturday who told me he had later installed both his speaker cable and his new, unreleased interconnect. I returned to PureAudioProject first thing Sunday morning — again, before the rig had warmed up, and the difference was immediately apparent — dare I say astounding? The treble was very finely resolved with shimmery cymbals taking the level of the speaker up a very significant step."

The AXPONA 2023 Chronicles: Part 11

Thank you Rick Becker!