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Customer Feedback


Speakers: Sonus Faber Extrema  
Amplifier: McCormack DNA-.5 (modified by SMC Audio)  
Previous Speaker Cable: Analysis Plus Big Silver Ovals  
Preamp: Hornshoppe The Truth   
Source:  Basis 2800 TT, Basis Vector 4 arm, Lyra Atlas cartridge  
Other cables:  Audience AU24 SX interconnects, CH Acoustic power cables  

I purchased my first pair of Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables almost two months ago and purchased another pair 2-3 weeks later to biwire my Sonus Faber Extremas. I was very happy with my previous speaker cables and planned on upgrading within the brand, but the announcement of a radical new cable from Silversmith caught my eye. I figured I had nothing to lose with the money back guarantee, so I ordered a pair. Immediately upon first listen, I realized I was onto something special. The soundstage widened and deepened with the sensation of the sound "opening up". The noise floor dropped allowing me to hear details clearly that were obscured with my previous cables. The proverbial window to the sound was not just wiped clean but was now completely open and performers were in the room. I heard extension at both the high and low ends of the frequency spectrum. No back and forth comparisons with the old cables was necessary; the Fideliums were in a different league. They are incredible cables; what Jeff has done at this price point is amazing. These are world class cables at a very "reasonable" (if such a word can be used when talking about cables nowadays) price. Downsides? Yes, the cables are not as easy to install as your traditional cables and they are not as easy to keep in good condition. Care has to be taken not to crease the cables, although I don't know if creasing them degrades the sound. The lack of traditional connectors does make these cables a little bit more challenging to install. Despite these small issues, I still enthusiastically recommend these cables to anyone and excitedly await the interconnects!